Five Finger Death Punch

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH (5FDP) is a rock band from Los Angeles. Formed in 2005, the group’s name is derived from classic martial arts cinema. The band consists of vocalist Ivan Moody, guitarists Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook, bassist Chris Kael, and drummer Jeremy Spencer.
Their debut album THE WAY OF THE FIST was released in 2007, and heralded rapid success for the band. The 2009 follow-up album WAR IS THE ANSWER further increased their popularity, leading to both albums being certified gold by the RIAA. The band’s third album, AMERICAN CAPITALIST, was released in October of 2011 and achieved gold status within the year. The band has co-headlined 2013’s Mayhem Festival Tour (US) and frequently can be seen playing the biggest international music festivals, such as Download (UK), Rock Am Ring (GER), Soundwave (AUS) and Knotfest (JP). 

16.11.2017 Gothenburg, Sweden
17.11.2017 Stockholm, Sweden
21.11.2017 Hamburg, Germany
22.11.2017 Berlin, Germany
24.11.2017 Oberhausen, Germany
26.11.2017 Prague, Czech Republic
28.11.2017 Zürich, Switzerland
29.11.2017 Munich, Germany
30.11.2017 Padua, Italy
02.12.2017 Stuttgart, Germany
04.12.2017 Paris, France
05.12.2017 Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg
06.12.2017 Frankfurt, Germany
08.12.2017 Vienna, Austria
11.12.2017 Madrid, Spain
12.12.2017 Barcelona, Spain
14.12.2017 Antwerp, Belgium
15.12.2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands
17.12.2017 Birmingham, UK
18.12.2017 Glasgow, UK
20.12.2017 Leeds, UK
21.12.2017 London, UK
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