Oceans Ate Alaska

The Japanese word Hikari translates to “Light” in English, and not only does it serve as the title of Oceans Ate Alaska’s second full-length album for Fearless Records, but it also represents the current mindset of the Birmingham, UK technical metal quintet—Chris Turner [Drums], James Kennedy [Guitar], Mike Stanton [Bass], Adam Zytkiewicz [Guitar], and Jake Noakes [Vocals]. 

“The past few years have been insane,” explains Chris. “However this is the happiest and the proudest we’ve ever been. Through the highs and lows, listening to the final album in full proves all these years of hard work was worth it.”

Uniting boundaries between multiple genres in modern metal, the group made waves during 2015 with their full-length debut Lost Isles. Fusing unpredictable polyrhythms and a sporadic partnering of melodic and dissonant passages, Rock Sound and Revolver both pegged Oceans Ate Alaska as a “Band to Watch,” while they landed on Alternative Press’s “100 Bands You Need To Know” list and covered HM Magazine. 

“Vultures and Sharks” clocked over 1.2 million streams, and their crazed cover of Beyoncé's “Drunk In Love” notched 2.7 million streams on Spotify. As their profile rapidly rose, the band began composing ideas for what would become Hikari as early as 2015. In late 2016, the band parted ways with original vocalist James Harrison and welcomed longtime friend Jake Noakes into the fold. 

Hikari illuminates major strides in the group’s sonic vocabulary. Following a lyrical and musical theme rooted in Samurai mythology, the 11-track album blends traditional Japanese instruments with Oceans Ate Alaska’s dynamic flare.

Inspired by UK hip-hop artist Bonobo, Chris tracked down a Koto and began creating his own palette of sounds. It seamlessly fit into the fabric of OAA. “Everything is done for a reason,” he continues. “There are jazz parts, Japanese parts, heavier parts, and acoustic parts. The album wasn’t written song-by-song; it was written from start-to-finish. It’s a dynamic journey - and although the themes may be indirect at times, they’re all linked and relatable. We wanted to make a well-rounded piece of art.”

Ultimately, Hikari means both a new “light” for the band and heavy music at large…“Music is ever-evolving, as are we - so for this record we simply wrote what got us excited,” Chris leaves off. “We can’t wait to show the world this new chapter of OAA!”
Oceans Ate Alaska is:
Chris Turner [Drums]
James Kennedy [Guitar]
Mike Stanton [Bass]
Adam Zytkiewicz [Guitar]
Jake Noakes [Vocals]
General Manager
Royal Divisionent // Jason Mageau

Press contact
Fearless Records // Heather Griffith

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Spotlight Touring // Eric (WW excl. Europe)
Loud Noise // Maarten (Europe)

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Odyssey Music // Patricia

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