RANGER released their Album "Speed & Violence"
Spearheading the charge of the New Wave of Finnish Speed Metal, Helsinki maniacs RANGER strike again with their aptly named “Speed & Violence” – pretty much summing up everything this album and the band is all about.
RANGER is a 4-piece Shock Troop founded in 2008 in the ever-nascent scene of the Finnish underground, but soon enough proved to be destined to break out.  Their label debut “Knights Of Darkness” 12” EP (Ektro)  dropped to the middle of the Finnish metal scene like a neutron bomb making them the cool new band everyone was suddenly talking about. Three years later they’d already played every notable festival in Finland laying waste to frantic audiences, released their debut album and an EP compilation to boot.
Things have moved fast, but the band themselves are slouches either. With tier latest outing, it all still denim, leather and blood; speed, violence and Satanic panic as RANGER lays down the law with their 2nd full-length, pummeling the senses with their no-holds-barred turbo-charged skull splitting metal, paying worthy tribute to the thrash and US metal pioneers of yesteryear.  These young Finns have taken the time machine to the good ol' speed metal of the 1980's and upgraded it with a hint of 2010's thrash vibe and oodles of youthful vigour, and the result is a glorious bunch of head-banging anthems for the new generation that sound every bit as great as the album art looks! Night Slasher is nigh!
Keeping true to RANGER form “Speed & Violence” is an analogue recording, featuring the sound of melting Marshall amps and designed for maximum face-melting capacity. True to the old school form, it will be available also as an LP. 

01. Intro
02. Speed & Violence
03. Without Warning
04. Demon Wind
05. Lethal Force
06. Satanic Panic
07. Evil Barrier
08. Night Slasher
09. Shock Troops
10. Last Breath

Dimi Pontiac - bass & vocals
Miko - drums
Mikael - guitar
Ville – guitar
Booking Agent:
Fullsteam / Ari Koskinen
Swamp booking / Ricky

Contact GSA:
Odyssey Music / Patricia Markert

Listen to their latest album "Speed & Violence":